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​ Look forward to the sounds of the lake on Mountain Day again next year♬
On the shore of Lake Ogute
Color the summer of InadaniHolding a music event


August 11, 2016 (holiday)Ogute Lakeside
+ Time 9:30-17:30 (outdoor) 

+ keyword【Alternative】
+ genre: Acoustic, Chill out, Percussion & Alternative feeling.

+ entrance : Adult 1,500yen , kids 500yen (junior high school students and younger)
+ park fee: 1,000yen (1 car) 
* If you wear "ethnic things" related to "natives"
Admission fee is 500yen off. / 
Misanga, happi coats, accessories and T-shirts are also OK!
(substantially free for junior high school students and younger)
▽ Live ▽
Junpei Kokubo
Suzuoka Drum
mico sundari
Steev Kindwald
Ocarina Rainbow and Sora



* Outdoor chairs, leisure seats, hammocks, books you want to read slowly, etc.
Please bring your relaxing items and enjoy the rest time.
(Soap bubbles and incense are also recommended.)

* We are planning to install a lot of hammocks. Please enjoy while sharing.

*During your stay, you can spend a relaxing time staying at a ryokan, camping in, etc.
Please make a reservation. (0260-27-2265 Chief Sasaki)

・Camp in (1 tent): 3,500 yen
・Bungalow in (6 tatami mats): 7,000 yen
・Ryokan inn (1 night, 2 meals, 1 person): 9,500 yen

* We are looking for staff to liven up the party together!
Please contact the organizer (^^)/
(Sasaki 090-2322-8656)
 Native Lab.

▽ Shop ▽

Chichin Puipui (Vegetable Food and Kettle Pizza)
Yurt (gapao and shake)
Aohato (bagel)
Michi (soft drinks and BAR)
Every day (rice, snacks and a little miscellaneous goods)
EMY's FREAK (accessories and flea market)
NM Studio (window chime)
boho (Asian miscellaneous goods and clothes)
Hatter Jugemu (Hat)
Amrita Gypsy Market (Hado spring water coffee, Indian star reading and miscellaneous goods)
Makiuchi Chiropractic Clinic (Chiropractic)
Merci (Chiropractic)
Sotto Chocotto (name in poem)
Healing Sanctuary ~ Shakti Pocket (Voice & Therapy, Reading)
▽Helper cameraman▽
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