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Reservation/Accommodation fee
​Room example 

 ​ お電話でも直接ご予約頂けます。

素泊まり (平日) 1泊1名様 ¥5,500+税
朝食付き (平日) 1泊1名様 ¥7,500+税
2食付き (平日) 1泊1名様 ¥8,500+税
星見テラス付き客室 (土祝前日) 1室2名 素泊まり 計20,000円+税
星見テラス付き客室 (土祝前日) 1室2名 朝食付き 計24,000円+税
星見テラス付き客室 (土祝前日) 1室
2名 2食付き 計30,000円+税
※cancellation policy
Cancellation on the day, the day before or without contact: 100% of the accommodation fee
2 days before: 75% of the accommodation fee, 3 to 7 days before: 50% of the accommodation fee​
​ *The decision to cancel due to bad weather isTraffic closure informationwill be
​If you made a reservation from the reservation site,
It is a policy according to the regulations.
《​Room example-Japanese style room》
《​Hoshimi terrace where you can enjoy the outdoor feeling in the garden》
(​ Campfires and hammocks. You can set up a tent and spend time with your pet. The guest room is on the right side of the photo.
There is a gazebo, so you don't have to worry even if it rains.)
《​guest room street view》
(360° room view) Guest room-corridor-bath-banquet hall​
​*Click the arrow to move forward.
​*Please scroll the screen.

◯ Traveling alone 

◯ Family trip

◯ Legal affairs

◯ Training camp

◯Class reunions and alumni associations

◯Villa stay 

◯ Celebration


◯ catering

◯ Specialty dishes


◯ Yakiniku


◯ Business trip manipulative

◯ golf  

◯Forest Bathing 

◯ Private bath

◯Fruit picking  

◯ Gohei-mochi

○Private room delivery

◯ Table seats

​○ BBQ

◯ Location shooting

​​○ Remote work

◯ Wi-Fi

◯Healing spot 

◯ Stargazing tour



*From 2020, tax is not included in the price of lunch boxes and Shokado.

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