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More about Ogutekohan Shirasagiso

With delicious ingredients, hospitality cuisine


Shirasagiso cuisineprovides what the people who work here feel (delicious).Rather than sticking only to brands and specialties,Offer seasonal ingredients so that you can feel the taste of the seasonI am allowed to.

Although it is a modest service,Cuisine with sincerityI would appreciate it if you could eat it full. I'd love to,A taste rich in nature nurtured by the clear water and air of InadaniPlease enjoy.

>Food photo: Shirasagiso Tabelog

Banquet use:Buddhist memorial services, festivals, class reunions, luncheons Such

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Lakeside location surrounded by forest greenery

Inadani and Southern Shinshulocated in theOyada KogenteethAltitude 730m. The climate is comfortable,Overlooking the Southern AlpscanGreat locationis in As if to hide quietly in itlittle-known placeexists asOgute Lake.
The apple and moss green colored lake with a circumference of about 500 meters was built by the locals long ago as a reservoir for drought damage in the fields.

Originally a sunny wetland, the site is nowAspects of natural lakesAnd sometimesfantastic sceneryis peeking out.Being in this placeGently feel the nature of Japan, which is rich in four seasonscan be done.

lure fishingIncluding,camporBBQYou can also enjoy activities such as early morningbird chirpingAnd blooms around Ogute LakeWild grasses and alpine plantsA lot of. On a sunny new moon day,beautiful starry skyYou can see it. 
>Lake Ogute campsite information

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Natural time, relaxing time

lots of natureAmong the remaining Inadani, especiallyCalmThis area has long been peaceful with few conflicts.protected breezeSatoyama and highlands where the wind blows through,Time flows comfortably and clearly.Please stay away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Overlooking the Ina Valley”Gokurakutouge Panorama Observatory"Ya, a village-run hot spring famous as a hot spring for beautiful skin"Cosmos hot water"You can experience handmade soba"Buckwheat Castle”,”Unexplored Iida Line", 777m above sea level"Nyutozan Shrine"And you can play in the river in the summer."Achi River``Famous for boat rides''Scenic spot Tenryu Gorge” is about 10 minutes by car from the main building.

Fresh from local farms"fruit picking" is also popular, and you can enjoy mallet golf at a reasonable pricerefresh parkis also in the village. set up by the lakeThe world's best bell ringingalso called healing.
pleaseFresh nature of InadaniWhenrelaxing timePlease enjoy.

Shimojo Village: Tourist Association Site

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